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Over 30 Years Experience, we know how to baby proof any house.


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About Us

professional baby proofing service

Baby Gate for stairs.

With over 30 years of experience, Wonder Years Babyproofing provides peace of mind for parents; helping to minimize risk of injury to your child and visiting children. The safety products Wonder Years Babyproofing uses are the best on the market and they are professionally installed.

Professional Installation

professional baby proofing company

Southern California Baby proofing Service

As experienced baby proofing professionals, Wonder Years Babyproofing offers home safety solutions for families from Los Angeles County, Santa Barbara County, Ventura County and the surrounding suburbs. We help parents identify potential hazards and provide information and solutions, without eliminating all of your baby’s freedom — or yours. Creating a place where you can feel a sense of certainty of your baby’s safety is what professional baby proofing is all about. Let us make your home safer for your baby!

Bab Proofer FAQ's

When should I baby proof my home?

Ideally, you should baby proof your home before your child becomes mobile and inquisitive. Keep in mind, mobility includes rolling, pushing backward, trying to pull up — not just crawling and walking.

Do I need a baby proofing consultation and what does a consultation cover?

The consultation is a very useful tool for both you and ourselves. When we do a consultation we walk through your home with you giving our recommendations for each area in your home. With our years of experience we can easily point out safety concerns that you might not even realize could be a hazard. Tips are provided on things that you can do yourself to create a safer environment. Also as every installation is customized for each individual home, there are times we need very accurate measurements for items like Plexiglass and Gate installations. After a consultation you will receive a written quote detailing the items we recommend and the prices for those items as well as the labor fees. Additionally you will see our products in person and have a greater understanding of its function as well as its appearance.

How much is a baby proofing consultation?

In our service area a consultation is $75, $25 of the consultation fee goes towards the service when hired to do the job. There are additional fees for outside our service area.

How much does baby proofing cost?

Cost varies depending on each individual situation. The two most important factors in determining cost is the size of your home and how much baby proofing you want to do. You will receive an itemized estimate of the home safety assessment detailing our safety product recommendations along with the cost of labor to install those products in your home.

How long does it take to baby proof a home?

On average, most apartments take about 2 hours to baby proof while a single-family, two story homes typically takes about 4 hours. And, the best part is there is nothing you need to do to get ready for us.

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We at wonder years wish you all the best at this time of the Covid 19 virus. We wear masks and other protective gear to keep you and your loved ones safe. In return we ask that you respect our well being and wear a mask when in the same room as us.

Service Area

Our Process

In-Home Consultation

Before your baby begins to crawl is the right time to start addressing your mobile baby’s safety needs in your home! Wonder Years Babyproofing’s in-home consultation will be an in-depth inspection providing you solutions to safety issues you might not have even been aware of. We come to you with suggestions, answers, products and installations.


Wonder Years Babyproofing uses high-quality, proven products and materials to safeguard your home.

  • Cabinet Locks
  • Door Knob Covers
  • Door Latches
  • Door Stops
  • Drawer Latches
  • Fireplace padding
  • Furniture Safety Brackets
  • Outlet Covers
  • Power Strip Covers
  • And more

With our broad and deep knowledge of child safety products and proven installation skills, Wonder Years Babyproofing’s professional installers stand behind every job. And because every home is unique, we provide customized solutions that make your home as safe as possible and keep your home’s visual appeal. Once installed, we show you how to operate each product, making it easy for you to keep your home safe at all times.

Meet The Owners

David Spigelman

David Spigelman is one of the original babyproofers, starting in babyproofing way back in 1985. On top of that he has many years experience in the juvenile retail field. The father of four children and grandfather to two, David knows kids. With David's attention to detail and years of experience babyproofing homes, your at-home safety needs for your child will be met. Wonder Years Babyproofing uses top quality products.

Nancy Spigelman

Because so many customers had requests for help with their child car seats, Nancy Spigelman, in 2002, took the four-day training course and became a Nationally Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician. She keeps current by renewing every two years. In the ensuing years Nancy's focus has been on educating parents and caregivers about childrens safety issues in automobiles. Speaking at Moms' groups and preschools is another way Nancy reaches those involved with childrens safety. Nancy believes her work is to enable parents to confidently use child restraint seats properly every time their child is in the car.

Why Hire A Professional Baby Proofing Company?

As a professional baby proofing company we can find potential problems that you might not notice. We understand the types of problems that can arise and we can help you reduce the risk of accidents. Our professional baby proofing staff will provide protection and give practical tips for accident prevention. Our services will lower the risk of accidents in and around your home. We recommend and properly install the best baby safety products as well as teach you how to use them. The greatest benefits of hiring a professional baby proofing company are time savings and peace of mind, knowing that the highest quality products were installed correctly and safely. Ready to Get Started? We provide professional baby proofing consultations, home safety evaluations, products, and installation services to parents, grandparents and caregivers. Proper baby proofing requires a wide range of products including gates, latches, locks, electrical plate covers, and more. With over 30 years of baby proofing experience Wonder Years Babyproofing knows which items work best and how to properly install them. We only sell and install quality products and always stand behind our work. Book your baby proofing consultation now.

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