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Plexiglass Banister Guard

As professional baby proofer we know baby proofing your stairs with plexiglass banister guard is the best way to ensure your small children’s safety.

According to National Health and Safety Standards Guidelines for Child Care and Early Education:

Protective handrails and guardrails should have balusters/spindles at intervals of less than three and a half inches or have sufficient protective material to prevent a three and a half inch sphere from passing through if caring for children two years and over. If caring for children under the age of two years, balusters/spindles should be spaced at intervals less than two and three-eighths inches or have sufficient protective material to prevent a sphere with a diameter of two and three-eighths inches from passing through.


A child’s head may be small enough to be entrapped in a space more than three and a half inches wide (1). Infants and young toddlers may crawl or play close to railings around stairs. Because they may have access to railings, it is recommended to follow the same recommendation for the spacing of balusters/spindles for stair railings as the slats on a crib. Read more…

baby proofing plexiglass banister guard

Plexiglass banister guard

With our plexiglass installation service we normally install up to the top of the railing. If you have a child who is good at climbing we will extend the plexiglass above the railing as well as use extra thick plexiglass.

If the distance at the widest point between the railings is more than 4”, then that banister poses a ‘fit through’ hazard and needs to be childproofed. Also 4″ from the bottom rail to the floor.

The fastest and most appealing answer would be to install plexiglass banister guards. The see-thru plexiglass barrier will ensure your baby doesn’t fall or get stuck between the railings. It will also prevent the climbers from trying to climb the railings. We even install some plexiglass banister guards that go higher than the railing for the climbers.

Banister shields are inexpensive and  they protect your little one from getting seriously injured.To learn more about plexiglass banister guards and to schedule an appointment with Wonder Years Baby Proofing give us a call 818-503-7227 or 661-254-0139 or set up your appointment online here.