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Overlooked Dangers That Can Harm Your Toddler


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As parents one of our biggest worries is protecting our babies. We continue to hear about hot car deaths and pool drowning’s it puts us on high alert. Even though many of us parents are highly aware of such dangers we tend to overlook some hidden dangers right in our own houses.


Here are some dangers in your home that you might have overlooked:




Your bathroom has a lot of items that we use everyday that can be harmful to toddlers that love to explore. Razors and grooming scissors can easily cut your child or even do worse damage. Some kids like to mimic daddy and try and shave their face or cut their hair.


Cosmetics are another thing that the little ones might gravitate to and can be harmful if eaten. Lets be real these are expensive items we need too! Vitamins as well as other medicines can be dangerous too; many kids might think this is your hidden candy stash.


Make sure to go through your bathrooms and spot items that you need to keep locked up in a cabinet or drawer. Don’t forget about small items such as cotton balls that can be a choking hazard.


Hire a professional baby proofer to install drawer and cabinet locks for added piece of mind. Baby proofing companies will also add a safety lock to your toilet.  Children can drown easily with just a few inches of water.



Living Room:



Your living room has many hidden hazards that to adults we tend to not think of as hazardous.  For example your recliners, sofa cushions, loose change or other small items that are choking hazards that get lost under furniture.


Your coffee table is a spot to display your favorite décor. Some like to use decorative food bowls, candles, or potpourri. Each of these items can pose a threat to your toddler. Small children are drawn to these items because they can look or smell like food.


Bookcases are another living room hazard. Reaching for a book can cause the entire bookshelf unit to topple over on your child.  Secure bookshelves to the wall with an anchor bracket. Make sure you have the correct bracket and you are installing in properly. Professional baby proofers will install brackets as part of their full baby proofing service.


Window blinds are something we love to have and we often overlook the danger they pose. The cord used to raise, lower, open and close them can strangle your little one. Children love the strings and want to pull on them to make the blinds do cool things. Install cord ties to tie up the cords out of the reach of your toddler.


Electrical outlets in all rooms pose a threat to toddlers that love to explore. Not only can they electrocute themselves by putting something inside the holes they can hurt themselves with the cords plugged in.


Keep your electrical wires hidden behind furniture and cover up any exposed outlets with a screw on cover. Speak to a baby proofing service to find out the best covers on the market, the little plugs are worthless you will need something much more sturdy.




The heart of our homes, the kitchen where everyone gathers while mom cooks dinner. The kitchen is full of hazards. We tend to use magnets on our refrigerator to hold up pictures or important appointments. Make sure you keep magnets high up and out of reach they pose a choking threat.


Dishwashers can be dangerous for a few reasons. They contain sharp objects such as knifes, they are extremely hot during their cycle, and the doors can be dangerous to a child trying to use the handle to stand up.


Ovens pose the same threats to toddlers as dishwashers do. They are also much hotter to the touch for the little ones. Installing oven locks and dishwasher locks will ease your mind.


Knife blocks as well as other utensils are sharp and can cause horrible injuries. Make sure these items are kept away from the edge of your counters or in a drawer that you have safety locks installed on.


Your stovetop may not seem dangerous to you because your child isn’t tall enough to touch it but they are tall enough to grab things off of it. When you are cooking make sure to keep the handles of your pots and pans away from the edge to prevent your child from grabbing at them.


Keep your kitchen cleaning supplies locked up secure in a cabinet with childproof cabinet locks installed. These items are very dangerous in swallowed. These items can also be dangerous if they make contact with the eyes or skin.


We all have that wad of plastic grocery bags lying around. Plastic bags can suffocate small children. Keep these bags put away something safe and out of reach.



Remember to keep items like tinfoil and plastic wrap in secure spots. These items have the serrated edges that can cause nasty cuts.


Home Office:


Your home office is full of little dangers. Pens, pencils, scissors, rulers, pins, and tacks are just some of the dangerous items that lurk in your home office. Keep these items in locked drawers.


Don’t forget your electrical cords in your home office. Your computer cord or extension cords should be kept hidden from places your toddler likes to explore.


There are many hidden dangers lurking in your home that need your attention. Consider hiring a baby proofing company to ensure every nook and cranny of your home is safe. Baby proofers are trained to spot hidden hazards that we wouldn’t even consider. Call for a consultation today.