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Baby Safety Gate Professional Installation


Baby safety gates are a must for crawling babies. Make sure you have baby gates installed in all areas of your home to keep your baby safe from danger zones in your house. Once your baby starts to crawl they will be able to quickly get to different parts of your house while they explore. Having professional baby safety gates installed in important places in your home will give you peace of mind.

You will want to make sure you have baby safety gates installed in doorways to rooms like your home office, workout room, laundry room, and kitchens. All of these rooms have dangerous things. For example in your home office you could have a paper shredder that is low to the ground and something a baby would use to pull themselves up. Or in your workout room that has exercise equipment that looks interesting to babies but hold many dangers.

Another place you should have professionally installed baby safety gates is your stairs. There are so many dangerous things that could happen to roaming babies when they stumble upon a set of stairs. You might also consider installing plexiglass for the little climbers.

With so many baby safety gates on the market how do you pick the correct one?

All baby safety gates are not created equal. There are no one size fits all when it comes to baby gates. Each location in your house will likely require a different baby safety gate. For example one that you purchase for your stairs has different mounting that one you would buy for a doorway to your office. Do not waste your time going out and buying four or five of the same baby gate and expect them all to work properly for different areas of your home.

Save yourself time, money, and headaches and call a professional baby proofer. Wonder Years Baby Proofing will asses every location in your home that needs a baby safety gate and pick the right one for your family needs. We will professionally install baby safety gates in your home that function properly and are ascetically pleasing.

Baby Proofing Frequently Asked Questions

When should I baby proof my home?

Ideally, you should baby proof your home before your child becomes mobile and inquisitive. Keep in mind, mobility includes rolling, pushing backward, trying to pull up — not just crawling and walking.

Do I need a baby proofing consultation and what does a consultation cover?

The consultation is a very useful tool for both you and ourselves. When we do a consultation we walk through your home with you giving our recommendations for each area in your home. With our years of experience we can easily point out safety concerns that you might not even realize could be a hazard. Tips are provided on things that you can do yourself to create a safer environment. Also as every installation is customized for each individual home, there are times we need very accurate measurements for items like Plexiglass and Gate installations. After a consultation you will receive a written quote detailing the items we recommend and the prices for those items as well as the labor fees. Additionally you will see our products in person and have a greater understanding of its function as well as its appearance.

How much is a baby proofing consultation?

In our service area a consultation is $40. There are additional fees for outside our service area.

How much does baby proofing cost?

Cost varies depending on each individual situation. The two most important factors in determining cost is the size of your home and how much baby proofing you want to do. You will receive an itemized estimate of the home safety assessment detailing our safety product recommendations along with the cost of labor to install those products in your home.

How long does it take to baby proof a home?

On average, most apartments take about 2 hours to baby proof while a single-family, two story homes typically takes about 4 hours. And, the best part is there is nothing you need to do to get ready for us.

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