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Baby Proofing Service Chatsworth

Looking for baby proofing service Chatsworth?

With over 30 years experience Wonder Years Baby Proofing company is here for you and your family. We are family owned and have been servicing homes in Chatsworth and surrounding areas since 1985. We have baby proofed thousands of different homes and apartments, we are confident you will be very pleased with our baby proofing services in your home.

As parents our most important job is making sure our children are safe in and out of our homes. As adults we tend to not notice potential hazards to our children around the house. Let’s face it, you’re not spending the majority of your time crawling around on the floor and using tv stands to pull yourself up when you fall.  As a adult you know what a electrical outlet is and what it does if you stick your finger in it.

Babies and toddlers, our little explorers are on a mission to discover everything around them. They will crawl under things, use furniture to pull them selves up, pull on electric cords, put things in their mouths, and numerous other exploring mishaps can happen. You will be surprised at what could be a potential hazard, this is why it’s important to hire a baby proofing company with in home services.

As an experienced baby proofing company we can spot hazards in your home that you might not think of. We will come out to your home and evaluate your potential hazards, discuss them with you, install baby safety products, and teach you how to use them. It’s a simple fast process that will put your mind to rest when it comes to your baby’s safety around your home.

When you first bring your baby home you have a million things on your mind. Do you have enough diapers? Is it too hot or too cold for your baby? Do I have the right car seat? There are so many things to think and worry about. Hiring a professional baby proofing company will be a huge relief.

With over 30 years of baby proofing experience we have extensive research and expert knowledge of baby safety. We know that children have a natural  drive to be adventurous. We know they love to explore, play, and test their limits. Part of our baby proofing services in Chatsworth is to share our knowledge and experience about preventable accidents so they can play more and you can feel confident with their safe surroundings.

Our Baby Proofing Service Process:

  • Conduct a in-depth room-by-room home safety evaluation.
  • Discuss potentially dangerous objects or conditions in your home.
  • Explain our findings and create solutions to make your home safer.
  • Install the safety products and teach you how to use them correctly.
  • Get it done quickly, professionally and as promised.

Baby Proofing Service Chatsworth


Safety Consultation

Our baby proofing experts will provide a room by room evaluation of your home to identify potential hazards to your baby or toddler. We will discuss safety solutions and will help you develop a sensible plan for baby proofing your home.

Baby proofing Products

We carry a complete line of high quality baby safety devices designed to be aesthetically pleasing, easy for parents to use, and difficult for even the most persistent toddlers to defeat.

Professional Installation

Baby proofing products are only effective when properly installed. Our skilled installers will work quickly and efficiently to ensure all products are installed correctly according to the manufacturers’ specification.

Why Hire Wonder Years Babyproofing?

Wonder Years Babyproofing can help new parents navigate the process of baby proofing for a new baby with confidence.

Save time – Our baby proofing professionals are familiar with the products and can efficiently install items leaving you with more time to spend with your family.

Save money – Avoid the trial and error of trying to find the items that work in your home. During our home safety evaluation we will determine the best baby safety products for your home.

Quality products – Our professional team know which products are well made, complies to safety standards and are high quality.

Quality installation – Wonder Years Babyproofing have the experience dealing with all sorts of hazards in all sorts of homes. With over 30 years of baby proofing we have seen it all and we can accommodate your individual needs.

Point out hazards – First-time parents might not be aware of how quickly a crawling baby can find trouble. Our experts can help point out numerous and overlooked hazards in your home.

Wonder Years Babyproofing Company has been serving Los Angeles county, Santa Barbara county, and Ventura county since 1985 and is a locally family owned business.

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