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8 Baby Proofing Hazards: Parents Doing It Wrong

Your new baby has arrived and soon they will be crawling around exploring their world around them. As parents you know it’s important to baby proof your house to make sure your little explorer doesn’t get hurt while they are out on their expeditions.

As adults every day items can seem totally harmless to us. We have been navigating out environment for years and we tend to forget how some things can be dangerous to small children and babies.

I mean unless you’re crawling around on the floor and using dressers to pull yourself up you’re not hip to the dangers that lurk in your house.

It is really best to hire a professional service to come in and assess your environment properly and apply their baby proofing expertise. A company like Wonder Years Baby Proofing has over 35 years experience and they service a large portion of Southern California.

Here are 8 Baby Proofing Hazards that parent’s are doing all wrong.


1 Baby Gates

professional baby proofing

Baby gates are not a one size fits all. Many parents believe that a baby gate is a baby gate and they don’t follow the instructions that come with their gate. If you are not making sure you have the proper gate and it is installed properly you are opening up for accidents to happen.

It’s important to make sure you have the proper gate for the area you are trying to secure and that you are using it correctly. A 2014 study published in Academic Pediatrics found that five kids visit the emergency room a day due to improperly used baby gates.

2 Pets


Pets our little furry best friends. We love to cuddle them and play with them. They are excited when you bring home your new baby. They want to smell the baby and protect the baby. They are wonderful but there is a danger they leave lying around, their water, food, and toys.

As your baby and your furry friend get to know each other and while your baby is growing and exploring it’s a good idea to keep the water and food dishes in a area out of reach from your baby. The water bowl has a potential for drowning hazards and the food chocking hazards. Same goes for some pet toys, you will need to assess toys and decide what to do with each.

3 Detergent pods


I don’t know about you but laundry is not fun. Even if they give you cute little colorful packets of liquid detergent, I still don’t like it. Anyway, babies love those little squishy packets of chemicals. They like to squeeze them, toss them, and eat them.

These little pouches of detergent can cause chemical burns and if ingested they can cause cardiac arrest. Keep your pods out of reach of the little house explorers.

4 Button Batteries


The small flat batteries can be found in so many items around the house. You can find them in toys, remote controls, greeting cards, and more. These batteries can cause serious issues from chocking to poisoning.

Keep items out of reach of children if they contain these types of batteries. Some parents will tape the battery cover; this is not a safe option.

5 Cords


Cords are not your baby’s friends. So many things can go wrong with electrical cords. As usual babies like to put things in their mouths. Cords can cause electric shock, I had a friend way back in the day (I won’t give a year and show my age), when my friend was a baby he bit a cord and had scars all around his mouth from it. Not only are cords an electrical danger but babies can get them tied around their necks or pull heavy items on top of them by pulling the cord. When you have a professional baby proofing company baby proof your house they will properly handle the cords and offer the best safety options available.

6 Dishwashers


The dishwasher, yes it is your best friend but it’s not to a baby. The dishwasher to a small child is a wonderland of buttons and things to pull on. If you have ever had to open the dishwasher during its cycle you know you’ll get hit with a steam bath. This can be very dangerous for the little ones. A professional baby proofing company can provide you with the proper device to ensure your dishwasher won’t open with the tug of the little hands.

7 Doorstops

Doorstops are great, they save your wall from damages if the door is swung open or pushed hard. They defiantly serve a great purpose. The problem with many doorstops is they are chocking hazards. The white tips can easily come off and children can accidently eat them. Replace your current doorstops with solid ones.

8 Windows


Windows can be very dangerous for children. If their crib is close to a window they can easily pop the screen off and possibly fall out of the window. The other danger with window is your curtains or blinds. The cord is the danger. Babies can accidently strangle themselves if they get wrapped up in them. It is best to keep your windows closed and locked, if you need to open them just open them a small amount.

These are 8 hazards lurking around your house that many new parents are unaware of. Of course there are many more things to consider within your home when it comes to babies and small children. It is always best to consult with a professional baby proofing company.

Wonder Years Baby Proofing has over 30 years experience with baby proofing homes and apartments all over the Los Angeles County, Ventura County, Santa Barbara County, and surrounding areas.  Give Wonder Years Baby Proofing a call today; you can also schedule your appointment online!